Hey y’all hey, I’ve been getting some request to do more “Dining in the D” segments (actually y’all been on my head about blogging in general…. sorry!) so I am back with another one. By this point, y’all should already know that Breakfast is my thing. If you’ve got good breakfast, I’m in that thang…. especially if you’ve got a banging Mimosa! Well this restaurant that I visited was actually my second time going. The first time, I enjoyed everything (minus the person with the dog in the restaurant), however this time, I was unimpressed. Let’s get into it!

So I’ve been wanting to get back to Parks & Recreations Diner ever since I first visited back in the Summer of last year. I loved the location and I loved how cute the inside was. The mimosas were amazing and the French Toast was yaaaassss! I finally got a chance to visit again and while I wasn’t super impressed, I still recommend you visit the place! It’s located right across from Beacon Park so you get all the cute scenery of New Detroit and it’s just a good vibe.

The Ambiance of the Diner
Just a cute little Diner!

So let’s get into what I ate….. which y’all know was something basic cause I ain’t really trying nothing too out of the box. (LOL and SMH) I really wanted some French Toast but I was informed that they no longer had it so it kind of killed my vibe. There was a skillet that I wanted but I didn’t like the idea of Chicken Links soooo I passed on it. Don’t worry though cause my girly got it so I was still able to try it. I went with something basic that I’m embarrassed to tell y’all so I’ll let y’all just look at the pic! LOL Also, y’all know that I don’t drink like that but I will do a good Mimosa every now and then. This is what I was most excited about too this time but I was disappointed. The Mimosa just wasn’t a Mimosa that I’m used to, but I drank it and got pretty tipsy sooo it got the job done I guess!

Menu, Mimosas, & Phone Case from Hawtcessories
My Food was Super Basic! Don’t judge me

Chicken Hash Skillet that I should have tried

Overall the food was decent…. it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t as good as I remember the first time. I would go back to give it one more time cause they always say that the third time is a charm! You go check it out and let me know what you thought. If you’ve been there before, tell me how it was for you!

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