Hey y’all hey, so first off I want to start by asking, are y’all trying these restaurants that I’ve been posting?!! If so, give me some feedback and let me know what you thought about the places!! I try to keep it all things Detroit so if you’re in the city, check out a few places that I’ve mentioned. You can also give me some ideas of some new places to try!

So let’s get into this next spot that I visited. This time I decided to take my Rollie’s and we didn’t have a place in mind, it was simply whatever we rode by. Technically, all the restaurants are Downtown so that’s where we headed. As we rode around taking in the new scenery, we came across this place called Rusted Crow. I remembered someone mentioning it to me before and one of my girls had been so, this is where we stopped. Let me just say that EVERY SINGLE WORKER that we encountered was Super Nice. Like, we got smiles when we walked in the door (it could have been our Loud perfume 😌 SORRY!), when we were seated, it was just a good nice feeling of good customer service.

Side note: It’s sad that I’m so used to mediocre customer service here in the city, we’ve gotta do better!

First thing I noticed about this place was all of the dope paintings. It was so much cool art, I didn’t want to just be in there snapping pics but I got a few to share with y’all (and some videos 🤫). Even the Bathroom was cool, I spent too much time in there in awe of the sink, and the way the doors locked. I was literally like a kid in a candy store! LOL Check out some of this Dope ish I saw and then we will get into the food!

That painting on the back wall was…. different!

Cool Bathroom signs

The door to the Bathroom

This paining was inside of the Bathroom

Now to the best part, the food of course! So y’all already know by now that I’m hella picky and for some reason, I just couldn’t get it together….. I’m sure some of my activities prior to dinner contributed to my confusion. I literally didn’t know what to get off the menu so I went the petty, basic way. Don’t judge me when I tell y’all what I got, just focus on my friends’ plates cause they are better. I decided…. after everybody had ordered and all is waiting on me…. to go with some Onion Rings and Spinach Artichoke Dip. 😩😂 I already told y’all don’t judge me and my food decision! My friends decided to go with real food, that I got to taste so that I would know what to get next time. So, my Onion Rings were Bomb AF, however, my dip was overly cheesy and just way too thick. Our waitress was very understanding (and FINE…. I loved her whole look from the Tattoos, to the Colored Hair) and removed that from my bill without me even asking her to do so. My Sis decided to go with the Tenderloin Tips which was served with Portobello Fries (mushrooms) and some special sauce called Zip Sauce. She liked the meal, but she wished it were a little warmer. Iysis decided to go with the Salmon that had some Creamy Spinach sauce on top with Shrimp inside. I was gonna go with that (y’all know I just started eating Salmon this year) but the Shrimp threw me off and I was like “nah I’m good”. I did taste it though and it was heavenly so I think I’ll go with that next time, minus the Shrimp in the sauce.

Overall this was a good experience and I will definitely be going back….. next time I’ll know what I want! If you are ever in the area, you should check them out. When you go, let me know what you ordered and how you like it! If you’ve been before, tell me how you feel about it! Comment below, talk to me y’all!

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