Hey y’all hey, I know it’s been a minute but I am back with another “Dining in the D” for you. This time, I decided to hit up a popular bar (because let’s be honest, bar food is the best) with a couple of friends to see what the hype was. It was actually recommended a few times that I checked this place out so without further ado, I give you Honest John’s! Let me tell you about the experience!

First thing, this is located Downtown Detroit…. or maybe it’s considered to be Midtown. 🤔 I’m not sure but let’s just say it’s in between those two areas. LOL It has secure parking in the back of the restaurant, with more spaces on the street (I’d try to get in the lot if I could) with front and back entrances for convenience. The outside of the back of the bar was decorated really cute with big Christmas lights and cute bikes tied to an iron gate. Definitely makes for a good photo opp if the weather gives you some Sunshine. I tried to get a few pics but the weather was so gloomy that they came out not as bright as I liked (oh but y’all still gonna get these pics).

Now moving on to the inside and the part that we are all here for….. the food!! I went to this place because my friend wanted to try the Vegan Burger. I actually went with two pescatarians so I was the only one eating the fattening stuff. I also don’t drink, however, when I do my “Dining in the D”, I tend to sit at the bar and you can’t just sit there and drink water! I mean you can but c’mon now, you may as well sit at a table…. so I decided to go with Lemon Drop shots to kick things off. Our Bartender was super nice (Hey Nicole) and helped us out with some of the menu options. I decided to go with a good ole Cheeseburger (no bacon cause I was tryin to be healthier 😂) and Fries. My Best Friend decided to go with the Vegan Grilled Cheese 😑 and the Business Bestie tried the Vegan Burger. Sorry I didn’t get any pics guys, apparently we were all hungry. I also have to put my hate for food pics aside since I do have this segment of the blog! The food was good, though my burger didn’t taste like a real burger….. I think they may have gave me a Vegan one too by mistake. My best friend didn’t like the Grilled Cheese but who goes to a Bar and gets a Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich anyway 🙄. The Vegan Burger got good reviews and the fries were bomb as hell. I’d go back and try something else for sure.


The inside decor can be described in one word…. LIT. Literally, there are Christmas lights, Neon Signs, regular lights…. but it still is somehow dim, maintaining that Bar setting.

Have you tried out Honest John’s before?! What did you think about it?! What was your fave dish from there?!

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