I always get dirty looks when I don’t know who a specific artist is from Detroit, or I’m not feeling their music. I don’t support just cause you’re from the city, you gotta have some talent behind you for me to get on board. I’m not here for the same ole Detroit talk screaming over basement beats…. sorry not sorry. I am, however, here for this newest track from McByrdy X titled “New Wave”. Confession, I was sleeping on my homie, but I’m up now. Sorry….. don’t kill me! LOL


McByrdyX called on fellow Detroit rapper Oba Rowland to assist with “New Wave” and I would say that this was a pretty dope collaboration. This track comes from McByrdy X’s latest album The Experience, which was released earlier this year. He’s been on his grind (cause y’all know Detroit breeds some Hustlers) though, dropping videos back to back. The Detroit rapper had just released his video for “Tetris Wars” a few days before this one dropped. Y’all gotta check out his channel on YouTube to see more of the videos cause he’s got a few posted.

This video for “New Wave” wasn’t super over the top or extra as you would expect from our artists. LOL I watched it the first time and didn’t pay attention to the video cause I loved the beat so much. Then I watched it for the second time and loved the concept of the video being shot at the Nu Wave Chicken place. They just needed me in that thang sipping on some Blue Kool-Aid (black people never say the flavors, just colors LMAO) looking cute to make it complete! (J/k guys, good job)

Check out the video below, as well as the album The Experience. You can stream it on all of your top music apps, just search McByrdy X!

P.S. There is a Deluxe Edition to the album that has more songs. It was released a month after the original, check it out and let me know what you think!

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