First off, it’s a real ones Birthday today and that person happens to be 2 Chainz! My Playa Partna, Big Cousin in my head, I want to wish you the happiest of Birthdays. Let’s show him some B Day love y’all!! What’s your fave 2 Chainz song?! I’ve got so many, I don’t even know how to choose but check my picks below!

2 Chainz said it himself, he’s been living his best life, his whole life. This year has been pretty dope for him though as he’s been making moves. He also got married to his longtime girlfriend and mother of his children last month in a beautiful ceremony at the iconic Ocean Drive mansion. I was a little upset about not receiving my invitation but I am super happy for the both of them (LOL I told y’all that I really think he’s my big cousin).

The Atlanta rapper also just recently announced that he will be doing something special with his Pink Traphouse (y’all remember that). It was originally created as a Pop Up Shop but now that Halloween is right around the corner, it will be turned into a Haunted House. It won’t be your average haunted house though, it is said to have a hip hop theme…. the first of its kind. I bet this is going to be Lit, like I’m gonna have to take a trip to the A just for this?!! It will be open from September 21 thru November 10. If you are in the area, will you be checking it out?!!

Let’s get into some of my Fave 2 Chainz tracks!

This song is very appropriate for the occasion!

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