I know y’all been wanting me to speak on this Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. drama but I just absolutely refuse. I’d much rather talk about the work that is being put in and what these ladies have going on….. outside of that petty cat fight. With that being said, have you all gotten a chance to check out Nicki’s newest video? She dropped the video for y’all favorite track off the Queen album, “Barbie Dreams” and I can say that I appreciated all of her looks throughout the video.


I can’t lie, I used to be more of a Nicki fan, however, she’s been coming off hella corny to me….. ever since she got “Shethered”, it just hasn’t been the same. I wanted to be hype about this new album, however, I wasn’t too impressed. Nevertheless, she did come with a few bangers, “Barbie Dreams” being one of them. This song had everybody going crazy as soon as they heard it, I mean Nicki was on a call em out spree. But if you let her tell it, this song was not meant to be a diss. It was supposedly meant to be more on the fun side, something “for the culture”. The song was inspired from the late Biggie‘s “Just Playing (Dreams)” and 50 Cent’s “How to Rob”, in which Nicki says that she only mentioned people that she fuks with……. Interesting.

This song sounds a lot like some disses being thrown around but if she says it’s not, then okay. Talking about Desiigner making it out of special ed and Karreuche being all tight about Quavo doesn’t sound like jokes. Especially rapping about Young Thug stealing your wardrobe but…… if you say it’s all “light hearted fun”, then so be it. I say that Nicki is just covering her behind if you ask me, but what do I know! This video for “Barbie Dreams” was fun though, I felt like I was watching throwback Nicki with the colorful wigs and semi-thotty behavior. Check it out below if you haven’t already gotten a chance to do so!

Do you think that this is a diss track or you think she’s having fun with it?! Did you get old school Nicki vibes from this video too?! Talk to me!

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