Yaaaaas boys, that’s how you handle things the right way. Finally, this long, drawn out unnecessary beef between Meek Mill and Drake has come to an end. They finally came to their senses and realized that they can make this money together…. and Nicki ain’t checkin for either of them soooo…. LOL just kidding. It’s good to see these guys make a mends and come together to give the fans some good ole classics.

Last night Drake had a concert in Boston and brought out Meek. The crowd went crazy as you can see in the videos, it was probably definitely a pleasant surprise for sure. The fellas performed a few songs, shook hands, hugged it out and it was just something good to see. It’s all about growth ultimately in life and it’s nice to see these two putting the past behind them.

Drake has clearly been in a beef squashing mood because him and Chris Brown just started following each other on Instagram. I don’t know what this means but hopefully we can get some music next…. or maybe I’m jumping the gun. I got a feeling that Drake and Meek have something cooking though and I can’t wait to see what it is. In the meantime, some of these ladies can take note from the maturity of these two guys.

Are you all excited about this beef being squashed?!! You wanna see a Drake and Breezy collab?!! I sure do! Check out some the videos from the concert below, as well as a video of the guys playing a friendly game of Ping Pong.

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